Re: DRAFT agenda for the Process Call, Feb 14th 2018, 9am Pacific


Actually, my sincere apologies, in particular for letting this sit in my  
drafts instead of being sent in time :(

On Mon, 12 Feb 2018 20:53:44 +0100, David Singer <> wrote:

> 4) [Deferred from January] Review the outgoing editor’s status and pull  
> requests <> (Chaals)

My status is "I am not the editor".

My outstanding pull requests are for consideration by the CG. I currently  
support adopting them all :)

> 5) Review assigned issues:   Chaals: #83, #91

#83 - what does "written notification" mean?

I'm not sure this is a high-priority, but something that clarified we mean  
something that has a record people can refer to. Defining a really  
specific mechanism is likely to be more painful than helpful though.

#91 - Add graphic

The proposal is to include an SVG that shows "where a Recommendation goes  
to die" - Obsolete, Superseded, Rescinded.

It is a pretty basic graphic (of course, because that's what I generally  
do), and I *think* it is helpful, although it would probably still benefit  
 from better accessibility under the hood - which won't change what it  
looks like, just how it appears to people using something other than a  
default visual presentation. Since it got postponed last year, I think I  
left a couple of obvious tweaks hanging, but if we want the image I can  
make those.

Chaals is Charles McCathie Nevile
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