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Summary of Resolutions re Process 2015

From: Stephen Zilles <szilles@adobe.com>
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2015 01:16:15 +0000
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The list below is a summary of the Issues that have been resolved in the Process Document TF Telcons between 8/26/2014 and 1/6/2015. The issue number is listed with date of the resolution followed by the Resolution text and relevant supporting material. All of these issues are either Closed or Pending Review of the edits to the Process2015 Draft Document. The minutes of the meeting whose date is listed are at:
Steve Zilles
ISSUE-34 (9/30/14)
RESOLUTION: Remove Good Standing from the Process
ISSUE-64 (9/30/14)

CMN: This is done. There are links to the tracker, and editor's drafts.

RESOLUTION: close issue-64

ISSUE-93 (1/6/2015)

RESOLUTION: Issue-93 is postponed to Process2016

ISSUE-97 (9/30/14)

<trackbot> issue-97 -- Is using the term "Board" in "Advisory Board" really accurate and representative? -- raised

RESOLUTION: ISSUE-97 remains open, expected to be resolved for Process2016

ISSUE-109 (9/2/14)

RESOLUTION: ISSUE-109 Closed as there being enough actions currently available (Director's decision, AC Member appeal) to keep Charter Extensions from being unnecessarily abused.

ISSUE 111 (8/26/14)

Suggested Resolution
Add the following sentence to the begining of the first paragraph of section 6.2.2 Working Group and Interest Group Charter Development:
"W3C creates a charter based on interest from the Members and Team."
This would then be followed by,
"The Team MUST notify the Advisory Committee when a charter for a new Working Group or Interest Group is in development."

RESOLUTION: ISSUE-111 Closed with the suggested Resolution

ISSUE-112 (8/26/14)
Suggested Resolution: Delete that text as only applying to Activity Proposals. The current process for Charters, Section 6.2.6 makes it clear that a charter must identify the commitments for both Team and Members. That would seem sufficient and not need to be restated.

RESOLUTION: ISSUE-112 Closed with Suggested Resolution

ISSUE-113 (8/26/14)
Suggested Resolution: Delete "The Director MUST solicit Advisory Committee review of every proposal to create, substantively modify, or extend an Activity." in Section 5.2 and do nothing to Section 6.

RESOLUTION: ISSUE-113 Closed with Suggested Resolution

ISSUE-114 (8/26/14)
Suggested Resolution: Charter extensions should not be given an AC Review, but should be appealable by AC Members. This makes the length of the Review period moot. If AC Review is desired, then 4 weeks [the normal AC review period timing] is the correct time.

RESOLUTION: ISSUE-114 Closed as Moot with deletion of Activities
ISSUE 115 (9/30/14)
RESOLUTION: close ISSUE-115 by changing "Activity" to "activity (including but not limited to the work of groups)" in
ISSUE 116 (8/26/14)
RESOLUTION: close ISSUE-116 as Do nothing.
ISSUE 117 (8/26/14)
RESOLUTION: close ISSUE-117 as Do nothing.
ISSUE 120 (9/2/14)
RESOLUTION: close ISSUE-120 as Do nothing, it is already covered in Charter creation.
ISSUE-121 (9/30/14)


>From Activity Section: Intellectual property information. What are the intellectual property (including patents and copyright) considerations affecting the success of the Activity? In particular, is there any reason to believe that it will be difficult to meet the Royalty-Free licensing goals of section 2 of the W3C Patent Policy [PUB33]?

CMN: I propose that we make the requirement to include this information in any charter proposal, by moving the bullet point to the list of requirements for a charter proposal in 6.2.6 - http://www.w3.org/2014/Process-20140801/#WGCharter
RESOLUTION: close ISSUE-121 by moving the bullet as proposed by chaals
ISSUE 122 (9/2/14)
RESOLUTION: ISSUE-122 Closed for the Process Document, but this should be part of the overall assessment of the W3C's program of work to be untaken by the Advisory Board.
ISSUE 122 (9/2/14)
RESOLUTION: ISSUE-122 Closed as no change to the timing of the first meeting.
ISSUE 123 (9/2/14)
RESOLUTION: ISSUE-123 Closed , there are sufficient checks and balances on Charter Extensions
ISSUE 129 (12/16/14)
RESOLUTION: Remove the material on Coordination Groups from the Process Document
Issue-137: (10/21/14)

RESOLUTION: Remove the discussion of the heartbeat in Chapter 6.2.7 in favor of the new text in Chapter 7

ISSUE-138 (11/11/14)
RESOLUTION: ISSUE-138 Pending Review, nothing need be done to allow the Chair to appoint all Working Group Members to be Editors of a given document.
ISSUE-144 (11/18/14)
RESOLUTION: ISSUE-144 was partially completed by adopting 4 of 5 proposed changes to the first paragraph of Wide Review. The details are in the 1/10/2015 comments in the Issue Tracker
ISSUE-145 (11/25/2014)
Conclusion - We will change all references from Chair to CEO, and preserve instance that have a clear role such as chairing the AC and AB meetings
ISSUE-148 (11/18/14)
RESOLUTION: ISSUE-148 in Section change, "especially groups identified as dependencies in the charter," to, "especially groups identified as dependencies in the charter or identified as <a href="http://www.w3.org/2001/11/StdLiaison.html">liaisons</a>,"
See http://www.w3.org/community/w3process/track/issues/148 for a revised that incorporates this change and those made for Issue-144 above.
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