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Based on the memo that announced the AC Review of Proposed Process 2014, I would suggest the following:
[Note that three replacements need to be done: URL for date space version of Proposed Process Document, URL for WBS and date when Review ends, four weeks after announcement.]

Dear Advisory Committee representative,

On behalf of the Advisory Board, I am pleased to announce the advancement of the 6 May 2014 version of the Process Document to "Proposed Process Document" status:
  [URL for Process 2015 document in "date space"]

A prior draft of this document was sent to the AC for a "Last Call" Review in March

This review led to one Formal Objection
which concerned item 2.c in the Summary of Changes below. A proposal was made to attempt to resolve the objection, but it did not achieve consensus either, so the document is being balloted with the "Last Call" text in place.

See below for a Summary of Major Changes in Proposed Process 2015

Please review the document and indicate whether you endorse the proposal as the operative Process Document, or object to its advancement, via this form:
  [URL for WBS form for the Review]

The deadline for responses is 23:59, Boston time on [date 4 weeks from announcement date]. There will be an opportunity to discuss these changes and ask questions at the AC Meeting in Paris on 6 May.

If approved, this Process will take the place of of Process 2014 which is on a transition plan from Process 2005. That plan still has approximately one year to run.

Thank you for your reviews of these documents.

For Jeff Jaffe, CEO and Chair of the Advisory Board;
Coralie Mercier, Acting Head of W3C Communications

Summary of Major Changes
This version of the Process Document was undertaken to make a number of structural revisions and to make whatever other changes reached consensus in the same time frame.

1.      Structural Revisions

a.      Removed the Activities chapter and all references to it

b.      Removed "Good Standing"

c.      Removed Coordination Groups

2.      Other major changes

a.      Removed the redundant section 6.2.7 on "Heartbeat Requirements" already covered in section 7.3.2

b.      Replaced W3C Chair and COO with CEO throughout the document

c.      Allowed an organization with a TAG member that hires another TAG member to have more than one  TAG participant up to the next regular TAG election.

d.      Updated the language for section 7.7.1 Errata Management to encourage groups to be responsive in maintaining their specifications and relaxed the requirements on how proposed corrections are documented to allow more agile and useful updates to them.

e.      Added a procedure for Resignation from a Working Group

f.       Replaced a Process specified default channel for AC Review comments with a requirement that the Call for Review must specify the default channel.

g.      Horizontal Working Groups are specifically called out with respect to charter dependencies and Wide Review.

h.      Restored the right of a Working Group to re-publish an Edited Recommendation in which all changes are editorial and tightened the definition of Editorial Change.

3.      Editorial changes

a.      Clarified the language used in section Wide Review

b.      All sections above Section 5 (Activities, removed) have been renumbered.

For a more complete list of changes, see section 14 of the Proposed Process Document.
For the set of changes made since the "Last Call" Review see


Steve Zilles

Received on Tuesday, 28 April 2015 15:28:07 UTC