Re: Problems I'd like to see addressed in Process 2016

On 4/21/2015 11:40 PM, Michael Champion (MS OPEN TECH) wrote:
> Admittedly, lots of these points are more about W3C culture or the 
> social norms of standardization than about the Process Document per 
> se.  Likewise, I don’t think the formal process necessarily must 
> change to address these problems, and arguably some proposals should 
> be tried as experiments and only applied to the process document if 
> they succeed.

Do we need a "W3C culture" CG that finds different means to improve our 
effectiveness outside of a focus on the process document?  I think it is 
great that we have the ProcessCG to focus on the formal process.  But if 
we push everything through this CG; and our behavior is always to figure 
out how to adapt the process document, we might be missing the boat.

A culture CG could:

  * Identify best practices
  * Assess existing WGs and see where they are failing to implement
    these best practices
  * Be action oriented - in pushing WGs, their leadership, and the Team
    to implement these practices.

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