Re: Suggested response to the Yandex "cannot iive with loosening of TAG participation requiremens"

On 15/04/15 15:19, David Singer wrote:

> As I said, I and many others have had actual experience of counter-examples to (1), and there is plenty of research indicating how strong (2) is and how difficult to resist.
> There are other reasons that people have put forward, earlier in the discussion, and you have not addressed them either.

I have similar stories to tell. In certain circumstances, employers
push on employees' shoulders. Even if it's possible in the TAG, I think
the structure of the TAG makes it almost impossible for such employers
to impose a view that is not consensual anyway. And it's considerably
harder in public www-tag.

I can't address a problem I don't see. We have two entirely different
perspectives: you assume an issue is probable and take 'a priori'
counter-measures that I find too heavy. I assume the issue is highly
unprobable or at least easily contained and I prefer 'a posteriori'
measures to 'a priori' counter-measures, and you find that too light.

I trust Tim and TAG Co-chairs to shut down any attempt by a vendor to
impose undesirable views to the whole TAG. You prefer representativity 

These are two irreconciliable views, I guess.


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