Re: Suggested response to the Yandex "cannot iive with loosening of TAG participation requiremens"

On 15/04/15 10:14, David Singer wrote:

> You characterize here the reasons as “false” without, again, actually addressing them. Yet again you are characterizing positions rather than debating them, trying to establish that they are “false” by repeated assertion rather than debate.

And how would I do that? You support the current proposal because you're
under the impression it's a counter-measure against some potential
abuse. I'm saying such abuse won't happen. You can't prove there will
be abuse (and abuse of that kind has been rare if not inexistent in W3C
history) and I can't prove you don't need it because it's only an
assumption about a potential future situation.
So yes, the only thing I can do is give my opinion, and say I think we
just don't need such counter-measures.


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