Re: Please Open ISSUE-34 (good standing)

On 16/09/2014 17:27, David (Standards) Singer wrote:

> I do too, but I think we have to say itís required. See below.

Chairs are supposedly chosen by W3M to chair a WG because they
are fair, among other things. Revoke them if they are not.
I am against putting everything in the process to cover us in all
cases. We will never cover all cases, and we will never follow the
Process 100%. It has never been the case in the last twenty years and I
don't think it's going to be magically the case in the next twenty ones.
Our job is too complex, involves a lot of politics, has exceptional
individuals with exceptional tempers, etc.

Again, my proposal is to get rid of Standing except for TAG and AB.
And if AB wants me to make a proposal about Membership Reviews to
be potentially (not mandatory) included in WG Charters, I am happy to
take an action item on that and let Standing lie down (pun intended).

Let me know.


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