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>> I am sorry.  There is absolutely no way we can condone the chair playing favorites, no matter how tempting it is.  What you say is too close to that.
> Well, this is how it goes _right now_ in the Process, and that prose
> is ages old. Never raised any reaction. Excerpt from
>  When the Chair and the Team Contact agree, the Chair MAY declare that
>  a participant is no longer in Good Standing
> The rest of the prose of that section also shows that it's a Chairs'
> decision to initiate a Standing review process for a given member.

I still think that if the chair announces that an upcoming decision will be subject to Good Standing, and that Bob is not in good standing having {insert favorite reason, e.g. missed the last N meetings}, and someone points out that Alice fails the same favorite reason, the chair should not say I dont care, because {insert favorite counter-reason here}, but also declare Alice not in good standing.

Please see OpenStand principle #1 "Due process. Decisions are made with equity and fairness among participants.   <>

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