Re: publishing new WD of URL spec

On 9/10/14, 6:14 PM, Glenn Adams wrote:
> and they do not follow a consensus process.

Glenn, with all due respect, neither do many W3C specifications.  Case 
in point is which managed to get 
to REC while ignoring feedback that pointed out that not a single 
implementation actually matched the specification (including the ones 
produced by the employers of the editors).  And this wasn't because the 
implementations were buggy, but because the specification was incomplete.

Of course now that it's a REC getting it fixed is a major production; 
given that it didn't happen back when it should have I have no hope of 
it happening now.

This is hardly an isolated incident with W3C specifications.  In fact, 
and very unfortunately, it's the most common thing I see happening.


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