Re: Issue-140: The description of the Team in Section 2.2

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> OK, so here is a proposal to resolve the issue. We should replace the 
> text between the section 2.2 heading, and the section 2.2.1 heading 
> (Team submissions) with the following:
> [[[
> The Team consists of the Director, CEO, W3C paid staff, interns, and 
> W3C Fellows (see the W3C Fellows Program 
> <> [PUB32 
> <>]). 
> The Director MAY delegate responsibility (generally to other 
> individuals in the Team) for any of his roles described in this document.
> Team administrative information such as Team salaries, detailed 
> budgeting, and other business decisions are Team-only 
> <>, 
> subject to oversight by the Host institutions.
> W3C is not incorporated. For legal contracts, W3C is represented by 
> its "Host" institutions <>, 
> according to a set of joint sponsorship contracts.
> ]]]
> Notes:
> The Team, and The Director, are the people in the Process with formal 
> responsibility for doing things, so it seems that clarifying that the 
> Director can delegate those responsibilities is sufficient to make the 
> process match reality.
> The CEO does not have a formal role in the Process - indeed, is not 
> even mentioned, although various roles assigned to the W3C Chair are 
> obvious things the CEO has been doing.
> In particular, "The Director, W3C Chair, and COO have the role of 
> assessing consensus within the Advisory Committee". - Section 3.3, para 1
> This is the only formal responsibility of the W3C chair, although 
> there is also a statement that that the W3C chair is "generally" chair 
> of the AB (historically that is nonsense) and along with the COO 
> generally chairs the AC meeting.
> There is also a statement in the current section 2.2 that "The W3C 
> Chair leads Member relations, and liaisons 
> <> with 
> other organizations, governments, and the public". Which is what CEO's 
> generally do, but doesn't actually specify particular tasks.
> I think (as per issue 145) we should try and remove the general 
> statements about the W3C chair and COO where possible, since they are 
> effectively management details of the Team, and the Team governs itself.

I don't think the Issue is addressed until we appropriately update the 
Chair references throughout the document.

In fact, that was the original reason that the Issue was raised.

I don't agree that the general statements are only details of the Team 
and I don't agree that they should be removed from the document.

> cheers
> 11.11.2014, 19:51, "Stephen Zilles" <>:
>> Since W3C is referenced in the Process Document, there should be a 
>> description/definition of W3C in the Process Document. There is 
>> currently a Note in section 2.2. There has been discussion of whether 
>> the Note should remain. I believe the current consensus is that some 
>> description of what W3C is is needed, in particular because the W3C 
>> is not an incorporated organization. W3C was established by contracts 
>> among a set of Host institutions. It has been noted that because the 
>> list of Host institutions changes over time (albeit slowly, one 
>> change in the last 15 years), the set of Host Institutions should not 
>> necessarily be listed in the Process Document.
>> There is a Web Page on the Public Site that, among other things, 
>> lists the Host institutions. This is:
>> Perhaps having a link to this page within a revision of the Note in 
>> 2.2 (and removing the “Note”) such as,
>> ““W3C is not incorporated. For legal contracts, W3C is represented by 
>> a set of "Host" institutions 
>> <>. Within W3C, the Host 
>> institutions are governed by joint sponsorship contracts; the Hosts 
>> themselves are not W3C Members.”
>> would suffice.
>> Steve Z
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