Re: Updated [Was: UI Mockup [Was: CfC: create a public list to announce new publications; deadline Oct 15]]

On Nov 10, 2014, at 11:06 AM, Arthur Barstow <> wrote:

> On 11/10/14 11:35 AM, Ian Jacobs wrote:
>> On Nov 9, 2014, at 10:02 AM, Arthur Barstow <> wrote:
>>> I also recommend all XG Final Report publications get announced on this list. (I think this is especially important if the Consortium does indeed move to a work flow where the creation of a new WG is blocked until all of its REC track deliverables have some type of "spec" available.)
>> I'm not sure I understand the parenthetical comment.
> Please consider the above a request to announce the publication of CG Final Reports on the proposed list. (If there is a better/preferred way for me to make this request, please let me know.)

Is publication of a final report a review request? It would seem like the CG Chair would want review at some earlier stage before publishing the final report. Should we encourage CG chairs to use the review list earlier?


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