Re: UI Mockup [Was: CfC: create a public list to announce new publications; deadline Oct 15]

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> On 11/4/14 5:08 PM, Ian Jacobs wrote:
>> On Oct 8, 2014, at 6:09 AM, Arthur Barstow <> wrote:
>>> In the spirit of facilitating and increasing the likelihood of early and wide document reviews, a number of people in thread [1] voiced support for creating a Public list the Publications team would use to announce publications of FPWDs, LCWDs, 2014-preCRs and CRs. This is a Call for Consensus (CfC) to create such a list and for the Publications team to use it when these types of documents are published.
>>> If anyone has any comments or concerns about this CfC, please reply by Oct 15.
>>> Assuming this CfC `passes`, a secondary issue is the name of the list. I am indifferent and offer these possibilities: public-{pubs,publications}; other suggestions are welcome and encouraged.
>> Hi Art,
>> Here's a rudimentary UI to make it easier for chairs and team contacts to send these review notices:
>> Would something like this be useful?
> In the quest for broader review, I think a goal for the Chairs of PD-2005 WGs should be zero or absolute minimal changes to their work flow.

That makes sense.

> As such, my expectation for the two PD-2005 WGs I chair, is that after a LCWD is published, I will continue to send LCWD Transition Announcements to the chairs list and to separately send some type of RfC to the groups we want to review the LCWD. If/when the public-review-announcement is created, I would just plan to either Cc: or Bcc: that list when I send a RfC to the groups I want to review the LCWD. This additional Cc/Bcc to p-r-a is the only additional step I foresee to *my* LCWD workflow thus the form doesn't seem to be especially useful for this scenario.

Point taken.

At first i thought the idea was to send a generic message to a list, in which case the publication tool could do that automatically.

But I see that there is a desire to send a specialized message to the list. The only reason I think the form might be useful is if we
still want to have boilerplate text as part of that message, like "For more information on this type of publication, see here" Or "For
good practice regarding reviews, see here." 

I thought of the form as being convenient but not required.

> I haven't participated in a WG using PD-2014 so I'm not familiar with the workflow changes for those chairs. For example, are those chairs supposed to notify the chairs list when they publish a WD for which they seek broad review of some WD (as is expected with PD-2005 LCWD TransAnn's)?

> Perhaps these groups will find the form useful but presumably they still have to send RfCs to specific groups.

>> Much can be done to improve the tool; I've included a few notes in the page to start. This is meant to foster discussion and
>> then serve as input to the Systems Team to create something well-tuned to Chairs and Team-contacts.
>> +1 to the proposed name
> If/when p-r-a is created, <> will need to be updated to reflect this list's usage and I'd be happy to take the first stab at that.

Thank you.

> I would also expect the PubTeam to automagically announce all FPWD and LCWD publications on that list. Is that consistent with what you are thinking?

As I mentioned above, it was my original thought given this thread, but if people want to send a specialized message, I wouldn't ask the Webmaster to also trigger a generic one.

In short: I was expecting the Chair/Team contact to do the work to accommodate the specialized message. 

> Also, who do we expect to subscribe to the list: all WG and IG Chairs, just the Chairs of the <>, Staff of WGs and IGs, 

This list is not part of a formal process, so I don't have any list of people in mind.

If this list becomes _the one place_ where we announce these things, then I would expect we would have some expectations about subscribers. 


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