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Jeff and Ralph asked me to clarify my expectations regarding point #1 of 
the comments I submitted for [Proposal]:

1. The comments from @SomeCommenter should be addressed (f.e.x. 
discussed and implemented where there is consensus) before the Director 
approves this proposed ProcDoc. Otherwise, the AB, as the Consortium's 
"process steward" sets a `bad example` for other groups that *are* 
required to address all Last Call comments.

2. As I understand it, the `transition plan` is the 5 points in 
<>. I 
think this plan is somewhat incomprehensible and should be clarified 
before the proposal is implemented. For instance, I can't tell which 
specific point(s?) apply to WebApps.

3.Work on a related Best Practices / FAQ should be started *before* the 
proposal is implemented.

Since the [RfC] identifies [Proposal] as a "Last Call" document, I 
expect the process defined by [ProcDoc] applies.

(AFAIK, the comments from @SomeCommenter are not Public and I do not 
have permission to copy them to Public space.)


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Received on Monday, 16 June 2014 15:43:55 UTC