Help re: Poll/interviews

Given that the W3C AC meets a couple of times a year, and right now just
happens to one of them - it seems one of the best possible times to collect
a lot of information without too much effort.  I do realize that Not All
ACs show up, just like all members don't vote, and I'm not suggesting that
it is a scientific endeavor, but it is a time where we have a lot of people
assembled and can ask a lot of people a few of questions.

I'd like ask if anyone in attendance, either officially or unofficially
present questions to as many people as possible about things
discussed...Here are some of my top questions - not asking for a vote, just
feedback about which way people lean...

1) How often do you vote (never, sometimes, often, always - could be useful
in correlation for other questions)
2) Have you ever voted strategically/Do you regularly?
3) If you don't vote - why not?
4) How often do you review charters and calls for groups you do not
currently have a representative in?
4) Is your participation governed mostly by: your role in your company,
your other time commitments, your interests?
5) If you could selectively delegate some AC roles to another member of
your org, would you?  Why?
6) What level of anonymous data about votes do you feel it would be ok to

Brian Kardell :: @briankardell ::

Received on Monday, 9 June 2014 15:27:07 UTC