Re: Voting and W3C level of engagement

On 6/5/14 3:01 AM, Carine Bournez wrote:
> Overall, I find it quite interesting that this discussion around voting
> happens now, while we have more and more candidates and more voters,
> while in the past we hardly had more candidates than seats to fill
> (and it seems to me that it was more worrying that the current situation)

That's a good observation.

Another one I had related to the timing of the voting discussions -> 
within ~48 hours of the start of the most recent AB election, some AB 
members raised issues about the current voting system (f.ex. see [1][2]) 
and those comments, IMHO, inserted FUD into the current election (f.ex. 
calling the election a "farce").

Although we all want to assume everyone in these discussions 
participates with `good intentions`, since it's the AB members that are 
presumably the leaders for process changes, the conspiracy theorist side 
of me thought the timing of these comments was "interesting", especially 
since during their AB terms they certainly had an opportunity to 
champion related changes rather than waiting for a new round of voting 
to start to insert FUD into an ongoing election.


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