Re: Don't disclose election results

Robin Berjon wrote:
> Well, people who pay taxes also quite often don't show up to vote. I
> don't know why.


>> * Same thing on different angle, I was not aware of such a poor
>> engagement. Probably some more work needs to be done here. AB?
>> Elsewhere? I'll be happy to help.
> It would be possible for the team to compile a list of non-voters in the
> last n elections. It might make sense to reach out to them to ask why.

I see Art already filed an action for this

>> * As Daniel stated for himself regarding last year's ballot, I'd really
>> like to know my own results. It's important for me to know if I needed
>> two other ballots to get elected or if I had 0 casts. That would
>> determine my future willingness to run again or not BTW. If this is
>> really humiliating then may be the W3C can communicate this information
>> privately to candidates.
> I think that communicating their results to candidates, upon request, as
> well as how far they were from the pass/fail bar, may be acceptable.

> It is true that the ballots reveal a lot of information about the rough
> direction that the membership is pushing for: 8/9th of the TAG* and
> 6/9th of the AB were at some point supported as "reform" people. I'm
> guessing people want some kind of reform :)
> I'm not sure what information you would think you would get from having
> more details though? Do you have specific ideas?

Two points:

How much a slate is being promoted by the AC Reps and also, as you know,
a few of us claim that the system is prone to be played by strategic
voting. Clear results would invalidate this paranoid assertion. Or not...


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