Re: Don't disclose election results

On 03/06/2014 18:18, Robin Berjon wrote:
> Deanonymising might have made them feel
> obliged to vote for that person. Sure enough a politician getting trounced can be tough, but you're trounced mostly by total strangers. If you've been
> a part of this community and you get five votes, you'll feel trounced by your friends.

I think it is out of question to "deanonymize" votes. But I still
think each candidate has the right to know how many votes he/she got
and out of how many.

> So, please, let's not make the results transparent. There's plenty of *other* things we need to make the election more open. The first of them is that
> non-AC candidates should be subscribed to the AC lists for the duration of the campaign.

Samsung's AB candidate was in that case, and I pinged IanJ to have
him subscribed. FWIW, I think Huawei's AC-Rep posted their candidate's
statement to the AC Forum because he was in that case too.

So I agree 100% with that.


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