New draft - please review


I just pushed a new draft:

Please review because it incorporates significant changes since previous  

The most important changes are an explanation of what is required to  
publish a revised Candidate Rec, and the reinstatement of a Proposed Rec  
phase to clarify the process from Candidate Recommendation to  

These changes are intended to close issues 76, 77 and 84.

The changelogs at provide details, but the big  
changes are introduction of a new section 7.5 and changes to 7.4 and 7.6  
to match. It is possible that I missed something, or was over-enthusiastic  
in bringing everything into line, so problems may be as simple as grammar  
issues or as complex as unclear or inappropriate interactions of  

With this draft I hope to have closed all the outstanding issues we except  
those relating to incorporating the chapter into a complete document and  
the deferred issue-6…



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