Re: Please make the "Positive Work Environment Task Force" statement a living doc

On Fri, 31 Jan 2014 13:51:54 +0100, Arthur Barstow <>

> Hi Coralie, All,
> Earlier today I saw a nice article about email etiquette [1] and it made  
> me think of this doc:
>    Positive Work Environment Task Force
> <>
> I think it would be useful for this doc to include some type of "related  
> resources" information (e.g. [1]), and to encourage others to keep this  
> document "alive". As such, how about moving it to a Public wiki or GH?
> [My apologies if this is this isn't the `right` list for this thread but  
> do let me know which Public list is appropriate.]
> -Thanks, AB
> [1]  
> <!t3QLV>

Dear Art,

The doc you refer to has been obsoleted by this draft  
<> [member-only for now].

The status is:
To release the work, some parts of the procedures and the ombuds part  
[team-only for now] need to be ironed out.

I'm going to work internally to get that ball rolling (again).

We have some open issues that the task force deemed not blocking:  

Before moving the work to a wiki or github, it needs to be reviewed by the  
AB. Part of the AB review can be that the Team recommends the work ends up  
on a wiki/github, if that is what the task force wants. I will bring your  
feedback to the task force.


    Coralie Mercier  -  W3C Communications Team  - +336 4322 0001

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