Re: Transition to a revised Technical Report Development Process [W3Process-ISSUE-39, W3Process-ACTION-10, proposal]

On 10/14/2013 05:55 AM, Ralph Swick wrote:
> Re: ISSUE-39: Managing the transition to a new TR cycle
> Should the W3C Advisory Committee approve a new Technical Report
> Development Process the Director will need to state the manner and
> schedule for deployment of the revised Process.
> As a stake in the ground for discussion, I propose the following:

Here is my alternative proposal...

As of the official transition date chosen by the AB/AC/W3M/whoever:

   1. Any spec in WD, CR, or REC is automatically transitioned into
      the new rules for WD/CR/REC, without republication or any WG

   2. Any spec in a transitional phase (LC/PR/PER) follows the current
      process until it gets to its next stable phase (WD/CR/REC),
      and from then on follows the new rules for WD/CR/REC.

Are there any reasons why this isn't complicated enough?


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