Re: LCCR is a silly name

On 10/30/13 10:02 AM, "fantasai" <> wrote:

>"Last Call Candidate Recommendation" is a silly name for a phase of the
>that typically lasts for years and typically involves the publication of
>multiple revisions.
>Let's just call it "Candidate Recommendation". Please.

I definitely second this. It seems silly, unnecessary and quite possibly
confusing. The 'Last Call' part does not seem to add any specific value
beyond carrying some historical hint that LC and CR have been merged. It
also makes it sound like this is the last of several Candidate
Recommendations which sort of defeats the whole purpose as I understand it.

FWIW I think explaining the process is now what it should have been for a
long time: 'A series of Working Drafts, then a Candidate Recommendation
and a Recommendation'. It's simple, clear and easy to grasp. In the past,
explaining what Last Call meant, why it was there, why something called
'Last Call' is followed by three more steps, then what the PR dance was
about etc. could easily take half the time and made people wonder what
kind of water we drink at TPAC. 

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