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Weekly digest of W3C news and trends: DNT, Eolas patents invalidated, etc.

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This is the 19-26 July 2013 edition of a “weekly digest of W3C news and  
trends" that the W3C Communications Team prepares for the W3C Membership  
and public-w3c-digest mailing list (publicly archived [1]) [sent  
separately]. This digest aggregates information about W3C from online  
media, a snapshot of how W3C and its work is perceived in online media.

[1] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-w3c-digest/

Notably this week :

- over 600 stories about W3C on Twitter in the past week.
- over 1300 mentions of W3C in past week.
- 66102 Twitter followers. Net increase: 270.
- 7 posts that dlvr.it posted between Jul 14 - Jul 21 got 4.1K (-286%!!)  
clicks with a potential reach to 74.3K (+0.3%) connections.
- 23-Jul (338 mentions) with top stories: Spanish article “Netflix is  
threatened to be boycotted by pressing the W3C standard for the DRM in  
HTML5” [1]

Below is the compilation of what I harvested monitoring the  
(micro)blogosphere and press.

W3C and HTML5 related Twitter buzz
[Things that were tweeted frequently, things that caught my attention, etc.
  Most *recent* first (popularity is flagged with the figure between  
parenthesis —that is the number of times the same URIs or tweet was  

* (125) Tweet: “#HTML5 'Requirements for providing text to act as an  
alternative for images'  
http://www.w3.org/html/wg/drafts/html/master/embedded-content-0.html#alt …  
more eyes & ears needed #a11y @W3C”

* (119) Adweek: “Ad Industry Expands Privacy Self-Regulation to Mobile “

* (49) Tweet: “You can bring the W3C to India, but you can't take CDAC  
government website design out of it. *shudder*  
http://www.w3cindia.in/HTML5-tour-2013/index.html …”

* (40) Forbes: Links 23 July: Hurrah! The Eolas Patents Are Dead

* (165) NY Times Opinion: “Don’t Track Us”

* (13) W3C Blog: “Test the Web Forward Shanghai, August 17-18, 2013 -  
Registration now open!”, by Rebecca Hauck

* (105) Genbetadev: Netflix es amenazado con ser boicoteado por presionar  
al W3C para hacer estándar el DRM en HTML5 (Netflix is threatened to be  
boycotted by pressing the W3C standard for the DRM in HTML5)

W3C in the Press (or blogs):

13 articles (including three old ones —in the end-May till mid-June range)
   * DNT
   * Eolas Patents invalid

A selection of articles follows.

[Most recent first.
  title, source (date), link.
  Find keywords on our Press clippings page:  
http://www.w3.org/Press/Articles ]

    Do Not Track opt-out icon coming to mobile browsers
    CNET (24 July)

    The Web’s longest nightmare ends: Eolas patents are dead on appeal
    Ars Technica (23 July)

    Don’t Track Us
    The New York Times | Sunday Review (20 July)

    Web Standards Group Will Miss July Deadline For Do-Not-Track Proposal
    Daily Online Examiner (19 July)

    Advocates call for a Netflix boycott amidst controversy about HTML5  
video standards
    PCWorld (19 July)

    WWW開発者「ウェブアプリこそ未来」 慶大教授と対談 (Interview between  
WWW creator and Keio Professor "what future for web apps")
    Asahi Shimbun Online (13 June)

    net Awards 2013: here are the winners!
    .net magazine (6 June)

    The SD Times 100: ‘Best in Show’ in Software Development
    SD Times (30 May)

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