Re: Is there an RDF downloadable version of vocabulary?

On 10 April 2016 at 09:34, Martin Hepp <> wrote:
> Dear Niels:
> is RDF in the form of RDFa embedded in HTML. While there may be ontology editors that can't handle RDFa, it is a perfectly valid RDF syntax.
> You can use the tool
> to convert this into any other popular RDF syntax, namely RDF/XML or Turtle.
> But please use the service selectively; it runs on free quota on and might have to cease its operation if we run over quota.
> Note that uses a proprietary pattern for domain and range modeling.

It does indeed - sorry I should have mentioned that bit. In general we
use a pretty basic RDFS structure but the association of types to
properties is made with 'schema:domainIncludes' and
'schema:rangeIncludes' properties instead of the more conventional
rdfs:domain, rdfs:range. Also we evolve the schema gradually, often
adding new type/property associations with each release, so it is best
not to build too many assumptions around types being implied by


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