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Re: Sustainable Codes vs Volatile URIs Re: URIs / Ontology for Physical Units and Quantities

From: Peter Krauss <ppkrauss@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 9 May 2015 19:01:04 -0300
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To: Simon.Cox@csiro.au
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2015-05-08 0:36 GMT-03:00 <Simon.Cox@csiro.au>:

> Phil -
> I took a look through the Community Groups, and found
>     https://www.w3.org/community/perma-id/#
> which it appears you are/were involved in. AFAICT the outcome of that work
> is
>     http://w3id.org/
> which hosts redirects, and is intended to do this indefinitely. So anyone
> who has a resource-set (including a list of definitions) for which they
> would like a neutral/persistent baseURI, can request a directory (by
> issuing a pull-request), and hope it is approved by the administrators.
> Have I got it?
You find a good initiative/community that (looks to) fit with the "URN as
code" for SchemaOrg demands...
Only to confirm: the suggestion is to use w3id.org as baseURI of URNs and

> Schema.org already has a small presence.
If SchemaOrg evolves in this direction, what the strategy?
Perhaps we need first to do some homework ;-)
(I am starting to do mine here <https://github.com/ppKrauss/standard-URNs>)

> The technology is rather trivial - it is the intention which matters.


> But it looks like a lighter-weight alternative to http://w3.org/ns -
> though governance is currently rather informal.
yes, better alternative...
Perhaps with SchemaOrg participation, some curatory aspects can be

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