Mappings between and other vocabs (especially from W3C groups)

"In scope include collaborations on mappings, tools, extensibility and
cross-syntax interoperability." overlaps in many ways with other vocabularies, also those
published under W3C namespace or currently under development in various
W3C groups. Few examples:


I know about at least one effort of providing some mappings:

Still as for today, If I publish data online using Activity Streams 2.0,
which ~=, search engines sponsoring will
not understand it.

Maybe we could put more emphasis in WebSchemas group on coordinating
development of vocabularies, at least among various W3C groups, and try
to eventually provide official mappings to which search
engines could adopt in their own pace?

We could take as a concrete use case Activity Streams 2.0 which we
currently work on in Social WG. As I mentioned it maps almost directly


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