Re: Proposal: "associatedMedia" property for (was: Why is the video property bound to creative work?)

On Tue, May 20, 2014 at 3:40 PM, Dan Scott <> wrote:

> Quick and dirty proposal for associatedMedia is at
>  We still will need to move the "about" property onto Thing to solve a
>> few more grand problems in
> I suspect you're right about that, too. Poor Thing is getting heavier, but
> at least CreativeWork is getting lighter in the bargain :)

Is being about something  a property that is applicable to everything that
exists, or is something more required? The commonly held view, at least as
it applies in this context, is that the second condition is required.

A commonly used example is that an Antelope, running free across the
plains, is not "about" anything. However, an Antelope on display in a zoo
becomes a Document that provides evidence as to what an Antelope is (or
what someone means by "Antelope"). See e.g.

It is the act of being declared to be "about" a "subject" makes the
Antelope be also a Document.... just like using a property with a given
domain on something allows you to infer that it has that domain as one of
its types.


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