Re: Are there any plans to develop an OWL version of QUDT?


Release 2.0 of QUDT is a significant change of 1.0, incorporating all of ISO 80000 and with naming and identifier compliance to NIST SP811 .  Before we can release 2.0, NASA needs to approve the editorial review of the NASA QUDT Handbook that you see mentioned in the presentation below. When can the release be expected? I would say sometime in June. This will be done as a set of schemas and some of the unit and quantity graphs.

There is a presentation on QUDT release 2.0 at -

A colleague of mine forwarded the recent post of yours at W3C. Id like to know what you see as invalidating RDF?  

This is very strange because we work with QUDT as an RDF/OWL ontology set.

Someone pointed out the way we use numericUnion and dateUnion caused problems with an OWL reasoner. Maybe this is an issue?

You know that there are a number of schemas that make up QUDT? Each schema graph has its own base URI with OWL versioning. 

What level of OWL are you wishing to see in QUDT? It uses OWL classes with axioms for property restrictions. But not class expressions.

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WRT vocabularies for units and  quantities:  there's always the NASA/TopBraid QUDT ontology, which seems to be moving on towards a new version.  


Something I need to clarify: after checking, the schemas currently available on the site are not valid OWL or RDF, so I cannot recommend their use at this time.  



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> Hi Ralph- 
>    I saw that the homepage is showing an updated date of this March, so it looks like you're making headway on getting the release out. 
> I was wondering if there are any plans to release an OWL version of the ontologies? 
> Thanks,
> Simon

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