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> Francois, Martin,
> Is that the intended use for propertyID ?  I did not get the feeling from looking through the proposal that it could also be used to hold Kinds, Types, Contexts, etc.

See my email sent to Francois-Paul a minute ago.

>  I instead got the feeling that it was to be used for identifiers... ah looking at it again... now I see...

It can be a prefixed string for a global property identifier, a plain string for a site- or organization-specific identifier, or a URI or URL. In the latter case it can be either the URI of a proper conceptual element from a Web ontology, like

but it could also be the URL of a page or page fragment that otherwise helps interpret the property, e,g, if Nissan had fragment identifiers in, 

then we could model the fact that a car has ESP via

as follows

<div itemtype="">
  <img itemprop="image" src="station_waggon123.jpg" />
  <span itemprop="name">Station Waggon 123</span>
  <div itemprop="additionalProperty" itemscope itemtype="">
	  <span itemprop="name">ESP</span>:
	  <meta itemprop="value" content="True">Yes</span>
	  <link itemprop="propertyID" href="" />

> so ... what is the eClass representation of this in reality ?
> <meta itemprop="propertyID" content="eclass81:02-AAM226">

I think I missed to explain the prefix mechanism. The local identifier for the property in the eClass Standard, release 8.1 is "02-AAM226". I think we can easily convince the maintainers of the more important of such standards to define an authoritative prefix for their local identifiers, typically in the form of


I made up "eclass81" for eClass release 8.1.

The idea is that we can make existing standards usable for our purposes just by defining a unique prefix.

> is that content equate to some Kind or Type ? ... does propertyID always infer the idea of a Kind or Type ?


>  if not, ... how does one infer a Kind or Type in Martins proposal ?

propertyID is just a place for additional hint on the meaning of a property. Food for heuristics and learning algorithms.
> I have a box...that has  "some KIND of Feature" ... how do I express that Feature KIND...that many of my boxes would share ?  Is that what propertyID would be used for ?
propertyID is for those cases where your data is actually based on a standardized property definition, either official standard or corporate one, but there is no authoritative URI for it. Rather than being forced of minting local URIs just for the sake of using the identifier, you can use the identifier directly.



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