markup for a translated CreativeWork?


I'm a programmer working on, and I'm trying to mark up
our encyclopedia pages for anime series with microdata.  However, I'm
not sure how I should be marking up the actors by their language.

There's basically two approaches I can think of, but neither seems
possible within the current properties:

1. Create multiple TVSeries for different languages, and put the actors
in each.  This is unambiguous in the odd cases where there are multiple
translations to a single language (I can think of at least one instance
in our database where this happened).  The inLanguage property already
eixsts to represent the language of a CreativeWork, I'd just need a way
to mark them as related works.

2. Add a language property to PerformanceRole.  This would obviously be
much simpler markup, but it would also add ambiguity to some cases.

Am I overlooking something, or do you have suggestions for how to do

Peter Lejeck

Received on Friday, 27 June 2014 11:42:37 UTC