Re: markup for a community meeting?

I think you have stumbled on some holes in what can offer.
Specifically, has no way to model physical accessibility, which
is a shame. It would be nice to get a working group together for this issue.

- Vicki

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On Wed, Jun 18, 2014 at 12:46 PM, Albert Willis <> wrote:

> Working on a project and I need to markup meetings of community members of
> a city or neighborhood to address a civic issue and nothing in
> fits.
> Ideally, I’d like a version of Event with the following changes:
>    - instead of a performer, it would be a convener (or host) which would
>    be a Person or Organization
>    - instead of workPerformed, it would be issuesToAddress (something
>    that’s not a CreativeWork)
>    - markup to indicate if an RSVP is required
>    - a contactPoint for the meeting (like we see in
> for RSVPs or additional information
>    - markup for amenities offered (food, child care) to make it more
>    convenient for people to attend
>    - should be able to specify whether the location has affordances for
>    people in wheelchairs, etc.
>    - should be able to indicate if there will be translation available
>    for non-native speakers
>    - should be able to indicate whether sign language for deaf people
>    will be available
> Most of the meetings I attend are hosted by ad hoc or temporary entities
> (committees, working groups, etc.) that aren’t formal Organizations, so the
> markup doesn’t work well for that either,
> but that’s another issue.
> In the short term, any suggestions for a combination of markup I could use
> to indicate some of these attributes?
> Longer term, I’m happy to participate in a process for new
> vocabulary to address these issues.
> Thanks.
>   — Al
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> Al Willis

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