markup for a community meeting?

Working on a project and I need to markup meetings of community members of a city or neighborhood to address a civic issue and nothing in fits.

Ideally, Iíd like a version of Event with the following changes:

instead of a performer, it would be a convener (or host) which would be a Person or Organization
instead of workPerformed, it would be issuesToAddress (something thatís not a CreativeWork)
markup to indicate if an RSVP is required
a contactPoint for the meeting (like we see in for RSVPs or additional information
markup for amenities offered (food, child care) to make it more convenient for people to attend
should be able to specify whether the location has affordances for people in wheelchairs, etc.
should be able to indicate if there will be translation available for non-native speakers
should be able to indicate whether sign language for deaf people will be available

Most of the meetings I attend are hosted by ad hoc or temporary entities (committees, working groups, etc.) that arenít formal Organizations, so the markup doesnít work well for that either, but thatís another issue.

In the short term, any suggestions for a combination of markup I could use to indicate some of these attributes?

Longer term, Iím happy to participate in a process for new vocabulary to address these issues.


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Al Willis

Received on Thursday, 19 June 2014 09:29:40 UTC