Re: Tightening up Re: replace faxNumber and telephone with contactPoint

On 4 June 2013 09:49, Max Froumentin
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> On 4 Jun 2013, at 14:49, Phil Barker <> wrote:
>> On 04/06/13 07:13, Dave Pawson wrote:
>>> Max was looking for a refinement (phone number to 'home phone number')
>>> Is there any convention for doing this in
>> Extensions?
> I have two problems with the Extensions section.
> 1. It says " uses the '/' character to create extensions that are specializations of existing vocabulary"
>         Where do you use the '/' character? isn't a valid URI, nor is
>         musicGroupMember/leadGuitar2 a valid attribute value for itemprop

I think we can do better than that /-based mechanism, and we should
probably get extension.html updated to suggest mechanisms like:

<div vocab="" prefix="ep:" typeof="Person
 <span property="name">John Smith</span>
 <span property="ep:engCode" content="MATHLESS"></span>

...using a real schema elsewhere plus rdfa multiple typing allows
basic consumers to ignore the extension, but smarter tools
to understand that an ElectricalEngineer is a specialization of Person
(and perhaps of Engineer). Plus it gives you a real page to document
(eg. rdfa+rdfs) in English/Russian/Chinese etc. The /-based mechanism
doesn't do that.

> 2. I guess I should design an extension vocabulary for my own purposes, in particular for applications consuming my data who want to differentiate an ElectricalEngineer from a MechanicalEngineer, for instance. But if I do that, it doesn't help me with search engines who don't know about my extensions. In other words, why use the specialised Place/photo and not the general Thing/image, if search engines don't know Place/photo ?

I'm not a big fan of using /, but the basic idea is they can 'dumb
down' to the parent path.


> Max.

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