Re: Tightening up Re: replace faxNumber and telephone with contactPoint

Dan, is this just my misunderstanding please....

On 4 June 2013 18:31, Dan Brickley <> wrote:

> I think we can do better than that /-based mechanism, and we should
> probably get extension.html updated to suggest mechanisms like:
> <div vocab="" prefix="ep:
>" typeof="Person
> ep:ElectricalEngineer">
>  <span property="name">John Smith</span>
>  <span property="ep:engCode" content="MATHLESS"></span>
> </div>
> ...using a real schema elsewhere plus rdfa multiple typing allows
> basic consumers to ignore the extension, but smarter tools
> to understand that an ElectricalEngineer is a specialization of Person
> (and perhaps of Engineer).

I read 'specialisation' and take away a semantic of 'a subset'?
An electrical engineer is a subset of all engineers?

Is this different to Erics request where he wants to identify an
additional property?
  Here is a person (or business) and they have a telephone.

Are these two 'different' from perspective and from a semantic view?


Dave Pawson
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