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Re: (most likely) Version 1.0 of LRMI specification - proposed for inclusion with Schema.org

From: Greg Grossmeier <greg@creativecommons.org>
Date: Wed, 23 May 2012 15:36:17 -0700
To: public-vocabs@w3.org
Cc: Peter Pinch <pdpinch@MIT.edu>
Message-ID: <20120523223617.GD21546@x200s>
Hi Peter,

<quote name="Peter Pinch" date="2012-05-22" time="17:29:52 +0000">
> I'm excited to see this moving along as well. Two questions:
> 1. What's the possibility for considering the online course suggestions
> Aaron Bradley made? If it's too late to propose new properties (I.e.
> Credit), can we at least document as best practice the use of the Event
> type for describing start and end dates?

It is true that defining a 'course' in the LRMI standard was out of
scope. However, as I believe Aaron stated, there is no reason why a
course could not be made up of distinct pieces (resources) that are
marked up with LRMI.

But, it is true that there is no way to describe the course itself via
LRMI terms. I, honestly, haven't thought through the use of Event start
and end dates for that type of thing. That type of addition would be
useful for a certain kind of course (that is describable online) (ie:
those which are bound by a time and have regular meetings) but it
doesn't do much for a self-learner type course.

These are good things to think about and I look forward to working with
the community to address them intelligently.

> 2. Is anything happening with accessibility?

As you may know, LRMI began with an eye towards accessibility but we
quickly dropped it as we did not have the expertise within our Technical
Working Group, and managing the process for learning resources was time
consuming enough :)

However, there is work being done now by some in the accessibility
community to augment LRMI (or plain Schema.org) with ally information.
Be on the look out for an update on that as we know more.



Greg Grossmeier
Education Technology & Policy Coordinator
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