Re: two new issues: booleans; xsd Time and DateTime

Yes, it's great to have these issues opened. Not sure if I should comment
here or on the individual threads... I guess I'll start here.

 1.  "
> booleans (True/False) vs RDF 'true/false'"

This is the third time this question has come up: Martin raised a related
issue in Aligning GoodRelations and<>("Action
3"). And in the Activity/Action
ask whether should host generic instances of selected action types.

Have the sponsors already designed a general solution for this?
If not, would it make sense to:
  1. Retire any instances masquerading as types (such as,
  2. Define a few generic instances like,, and (if the
Activity/Action proposal is accepted), and
  3. Specify that when a property of type has text
value bar, it is shorthand for the value

It may make sense to handle these internal enumerated values in a way
similar to/compatible with ExternalEnumerations.

 2. "Add Time for
> xsd:time, DateTime for xsd:datetime"
> Daniel, could you take a look at (2.) in case it impacts on the
> actions/activities model?

Since issue 15 just defines datatypes, I think it's orthogonal to the
model. Proposal looks good to me.


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