Re: Renaming the default branch in the Verifiable Credentials WG repositories

On 2/5/21 10:27 AM, Ivan Herman wrote:
> (The branch renaming mechanism of github is not without glitches… Sorry 
> about that.)

Uh oh... that never should have happened at this point. It means that two
safeties that we had in the ecosystem have failed:

1. The VC contexts are hosted at W3C. Github shouldn't
   have anything to do with those contexts at this point.
   W3C should fix this.

2. No software should be loading the v1 context from a URL
   redirect at this point -- DNS cache poisoning could
   create an issue for you. You should be loading
   the VC v1 context from a known good version that
   is from local storage (HDD, SDD, NVMe, etc.) at all
   times. Troy, you'll want to look into this for
   whatever software you're using.

-- manu

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