VC-EDU Special Topic: Enrollment Status Credential

Hello VC-EDU & CCG friends,

I’m opening up a special topic exploration at VC-EDU about enrollment status credentials. Enrollment status is one of our use cases: <>

and has some immediate practical applicability for issuers, learner/earners, and for hiring. 

As a special topic, I suggest we explore:

- how this use case should be expanded upon. For example, what other statuses exist beyond current enrollment (graduated comes to mind)
- what the data model should be for this credential and what recommendations should be made to vc-aligned standards bodies
- how this use case is or is not related to student id
- your thoughts and questions.

If this topic interests you, please fill out this contact form by Friday June 23: <>

I will follow-up to initiate scheduling time(s) to meet. 

In the meantime, happy to use this thread for discussion.



Received on Tuesday, 13 June 2023 14:41:38 UTC