Re: Batch closing of old issues

On Mar 24, 2015, at 7:15 PM, Justin Brookman wrote:

> Working group:  As you know, we are wrapping up our work on the TCS in advance of deciding whether to move to Last Call.  At this point, the Chairs do not intend to resolve any remaining issues prior to Last Call.  A handful will remain designated as "Compliance Next" or "Global Considerations" for reconsideration in the future; the remaining we propose to batch close as duplicative of issues we've previously closed in other issues, resolved but awaiting group review, or otherwise superseded by events.  (The vast majority of these have been marked PENDING REVIEW for some time).  Here are the specific issues we propose to close prior to making a decision on Last Call (I tried to add notes to the issue tracker to provide some more background in case you're interested):

> ISSUE-203 (use of "tracking" in third party compliance) --- superseded by other issues and resolved by consensus

Er, we are still talking about 203 right now.  That's where the
"tracking data" discussion falls within.


> The following issues will not be closed but maintained as Compliance Next or Global Considerations
> ISSUE-135 (Draft Global Considerations document)
> ISSUE-147 (Transporting Consent via the Exception / DNT mechanisms)
> ISSUE-150 (DNT conflicts from multiple user agents)
> ISSUE-183 (Additional Tk header status value for EU)
> ISSUE-189 (Explicit informed consent mechanism needed (EUConsent))

All of the above should be closed.  147 and 150 are already addressed
by TPE, 189 was overtaken by events when the UGE mechanism changed
to be site-driven, and 183 is out of scope (we don't define protocols
that are region-specific).  135 would have been a potential deliverable,
which could be tracked as a product, but the taskforce abandoned it.
It can still be created later, if a reason arises.

> ISSUE-175 (Have an appendix of best practices?)
> ISSUE-214 (adding to last public working draft) --- we'll keep this open as a placeholder that there may be language from the previous TCS that we may want to port to new document (such as non-normative text)
> ISSUE-223 (define criteria now for the rest/implementation phase of the compliance spec) --- this is more appropriately addressed at the time when we would move TCS from LC to CR

Okay, these are issues related to future work.


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