Batch closing of old issues

Working group:  As you know, we are wrapping up our work on the TCS in
advance of deciding whether to move to Last Call.  At this point, the
Chairs do not intend to resolve any remaining issues prior to Last Call.  A
handful will remain designated as "Compliance Next" or "Global
Considerations" for reconsideration in the future; the remaining we propose
to batch close as duplicative of issues we've previously closed in other
issues, resolved but awaiting group review, or otherwise superseded by
events.  (The vast majority of these have been marked PENDING REVIEW for
some time).  Here are the specific issues we propose to close prior to
making a decision on Last Call (I tried to add notes to the issue tracker
to provide some more background in case you're interested):

ISSUE-24 (Possible exemption for fraud detection and defense) --- closed by
ISSUE-25 (How is audience measurement addressed under DNT) --- closed by
call for objections
ISSUE-31 (Minimization --- to what extent will minimization be required for
use of a particular exemption?) --- closed by consensus (and superseded by
other edits)
ISSUE-32 (Sharing of data between entities via cookie syncing / identity
brokering) --- resolved in other issues
ISSUE-49 (Third party as first party) --- superseded by other issues
ISSUE-97 (re-direction, shortened URLS, click analytics) --- resolved by
call for objections
ISSUE-99 (How does DNT work with identity providers) --- closed per lack of
ISSUE-134 (Would be additionally permit logs that are retained for a short
period) --- lack of interest in pursuing change proposals; addressed by
language on transient data
ISSUE-148 (What does DNT:0 mean) --- resolved by consensus
ISSUE-170 (Definition of and what/whether limitations around data append
and first parties) --- resolved by call for objections
ISSUE-172 (How should user agents be required to provide information about
DNT) --- superseded by similar issues and resolved by consensus
ISSUE-184 (3rd party dependencies in 1st party context) --- superseded by
other issues
ISSUE-188 (Definition of de-identified data) --- resolved by call for
ISSUE-194 (How should we ensure consent of users for DNT inputs) ---
superseded by similar issues
ISSUE-196 (What compliance requirements apply when a signal has been
disregarded?) --- resolved by consensus
ISSUE-199 (limitations of the use of unique identifiers) --- resolved by
ISSUE-200 (transitive exceptions) --- superseded by ISSUE-262
ISSUE-201 (interplay between UGE and out of band consent) --- resolved by
ISSUE-202 (limitations on geolocation by third parties) --- resolved by
ISSUE-203 (use of "tracking" in third party compliance) --- superseded by
other issues and resolved by consensus
ISSUE-205 (user agent compliance requirements) --- superseded by other
issues and resolved by consensus
ISSUE-206 (Service Provider name and requirements) --- resolved by consensus
ISSUE-207 (Conditions for dis-regarding (or not) DNT signals) --- resolved
by consensus
ISSUE-209 (Description of scope of specification) --- designated as
ISSUE-210 (Interaction with existing privacy controls) --- same as
ISSUE-201, resolved by consensus
ISSUE-211 (Should we specify retention period (extended with transparency)
for permitted uses) --- superseded by other issues
ISSUE-212 (naming of user-granted exceptions) --- designated as editorial
and resolved by consensus
ISSUE-218 (data that is out of scope) --- resolved by consensus
ISSUE-219 (context separation) --- resolved by call for objections
ISSUE-220 (proportionality) --- merged with other issues and resolved by
ISSUE-221 (define collection and use by context rather than party) ---
resolved by call for objections
ISSUE-222 (tailoring or customizing of content should be allowed under
certain collection/use limitations) --- dropped for lack of interest
ISSUE-226 (what rules apply for data collection/use, by context)
--- resolved in other issues
ISSUE-227 (user agent minimum requirements) --- resolved in other issues
ISSUE-230 (define "Web browsing history") --- dropped for lack of interest
ISSUE-233 (data minimization) --- resolved by consensus
ISSUE-234 (no personalization) --- dropped for lack of interest
ISSUE-235 (auditability) --- resolved by call for objection
ISSUE-236 (profiling prohibition for frequency capping permitted use) ---
designated as editorial
ISSUE-237 (revise financial logging section) --- dropped for lack of
ISSUE-238 (scope of permitted uses) --- superseded by other issues

The following issues will not be closed but maintained as Compliance Next
or Global Considerations

ISSUE-135 (Draft Global Considerations document)
ISSUE-147 (Transporting Consent via the Exception / DNT mechanisms)
ISSUE-150 (DNT conflicts from multiple user agents)
ISSUE-175 (Have an appendix of best practices?)
ISSUE-183 (Additional Tk header status value for EU)
ISSUE-189 (Explicit informed consent mechanism needed (EUConsent))
ISSUE-214 (adding to last public working draft) --- we'll keep this open as
a placeholder that there may be language from the previous TCS that we may
want to port to new document (such as non-normative text)
ISSUE-223 (define criteria now for the rest/implementation phase of the
compliance spec) --- this is more appropriately addressed at the time when
we would move TCS from LC to CR

Please respond to the group if you have any questions, concerns, or
objections to this course of action.

Received on Wednesday, 25 March 2015 02:16:41 UTC