Tracking Preference Expression - Call for consensus on Last Call

Dear members of the Working Group,

we believe we have satisfied the requirements of the charter for the
Tracking Preference Expression specification. Therefore, we have posted
a snapshot of the TPE Editor's draft and would like to ask for the
consensus of the group to advance the document to Last Call Working Draft:

Please submit your support or potential objections to the mailing list
by the time of the _*WG call on April 23*_.

Since our work was aimed at the recommendation track from the beginning,
we consider silence as support. If you object the advancement based on
technical reasons or unimplementability of the spec, please submit these
objections to the mailing list.
Please note that only new inputs will be considered, i.e. emails
re-raising issues the WG has already resolved is unlikely to be
considered at this time.

With Last Call our work on the specification will not be done. We will
then ask for public reviews and comments on the TPE spec by June 18, and
continue our work based on this external feedback on the TPE.
Additionally, we resume our work on the TCS specification.

 Justin Brookman, Carl Cargill, Matthias Schunter + W3C Team

Received on Monday, 14 April 2014 17:22:30 UTC