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> It would also be good if privacy preferences were available at an "OS" level so different UAs could share them and changing them could be an OS responsibility. Not all UAs are browsers and a user might have several. Also plugins/extensions would be encouraged not to brew their own (preference repository). 

Yes, that’s something we’ve discussed before and people are thinking about:  catching all the user-agents that might act on behalf of a user.  But such a recommendation is probably out of our scope.

> Roy, I like your last version (with the SHOULD)  BTW.
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>>> Thank you, I agree.  Something ‘big’ (such as Flash) that does its own HTTP,
>> has a different user-agent string, is a different user-agent, has to get its own
>> determination of the user’s preference (to the rules), insert its own DNT header,
>> and so on.
>> I don't think 'big' has any relevance here.  What a user configures and
>> interacts with is their user agent.  A user makes no distinction
>> between a flash player operating as a plug-in and a flash player that
>> is embedded as part of the browser code.  Our goal should be to enable
>> that user's privacy preference to be available to all parts of the
>> user agent, regardless of how it is interconnected internally, since
>> users don't like it when only some parts of the user agent are aware of
>> their privacy preferences.
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