RE: extensions in Determining User Preference

On Tuesday, April 8, 2014 8:31 AM, David Singer wrote:
> Hi Roy
> something I am not clear about - was this introduction of a 'must' the
> consequence of a decision we needed to implement, or something you noticed
> and believed needed fixing?
> If it's the former, could you identify the decision?  I think that if it's
> the latter, we're at the stage where we need to say "there is an issue here"
> and let the group and chairs decide whether to make a technical change,
> rather than just making it.
> (I'm still pondering the merits of the change itself, and I think we may well
> need to discuss it.)

My main concern with the proposal is the MUST requirement:

"A user agent that allows extensions to directly make or modify HTTP requests MUST
provide a corresponding API to those extensions for determining the user's tracking

The spec gives some examples of extensions but doesn't really define them. There are many
different ways to extend a browser and I'm not convinced it is always possible to
provide such an API.

In the past, IE and others have provided similar APIs to allow plug-ins to determine
private browsing modes so I don't think it's an unrealistic goal in general. However,
it will be possible to write an extension where it would be hard to provide such an
API and I think we need to recognise this in the spec.

Given the previous discussions in this group I'm hesitant to suggest it but I think
this requirement should be a SHOULD.



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