Re: DNT:1 and "data append"

Thanks David. Perhaps this will help clarify where some of the confusion
lay. In any event, I look forward to discussing further on Wednesday.

On 3/21/13 3:16 PM, "David Singer" <> wrote:

>I remain somewhat puzzled by this discussion.  Let's see if I can explain
>my puzzlement, and maybe the answers will help shed light.
>DNT is an expression about privacy in an online transaction (between a
>user and their user-agent, and a server, over HTTP or similar protocols).

I recognize that this is the position of some in the group. It's worth
noting that this is not how DNT is described in the charter. The charter
describes DNT as a "preference expression mechanism ("Do Not Track") and
technologies for selectively allowing or blocking tracking elements."

I note that we have chosen not to define tracking or "tracking elements"
in this working group, which may be a reason for some of the confusion.

A tracking element could be what is traditionally defined as Online
Behavioral Advertising (OBA) by industry groups such as the DAA. A
tracking element could also include the collection of research panel data,
or (as some have argued) online ad serving data so long as it otherwise
meets certain criteria as agreed upon in the group.

It stands to reason that offline collected data that is used by sites to
customize advertising and content could be considered tracking elements.

Treating offline collected data differently from online collected data
places the onus upon Users to parse very subtle distinctions as they
struggle to understand what turning on DNT really gets them. It also
creates a significant loophole in the DNT standard as I've noted in
previous posts.


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