Re: RE: DNT:1 and "data append"

On Wednesday 20 March 2013 23:24:51 JC Cannon wrote:
>  As DNT does not apply to 1st-parties,

This is an easy abbreviation, but it is wrong. DNT applies to first 
parties. They can't share. And all practices I hear invoked require to 
share an ID at some point in time. 

offline - online data: I think nobody seriously proposes to collect 
personal data online, turn off the network and share then. 

But on the other hand, only the collected data (under DNT:1) is subject 
to the no-sharing limitation. So an in-house combination of pre-existing 
(offline/online) data at the first party can be combined. 

The current problem the DPAs have with Google's unifying privacy 
approach over all services is out of scope for DNT IMHO. 


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