Re: ACTION-371: text defining de-identified data

On Mar 12, 2013, at 8:57 AM, Dan Auerbach wrote:

> Shane and Kevin -- The phrase "user agent" in the text is intended to refer to a particular user agent (not "Chrome 26" but rather "the browser running on Dan's laptop". I hoped that would be clear from context, but if it's not we can clarify.

I think it's clear -- I've been using the same phrase since we
started the WG and there hasn't been any confusion.  A computer
is just one example of a device.  User agent (a defined term in
the spec) is meaningful because most tracking is actually
of the user agent instance and is only indirectly associated
with a person or device.

I'd rather not add any more words than are absolutely necessary
to clarify what is included in the definition.  A list of examples
can always be provided separately.


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