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Sent: Thursday, March 07, 2013 2:15 PM
Subject: a bit more on charter extension


To the Working Group:


The topic of charter extension came up today at the Do Not Track panel at
the IAPP Summit.  I thought I would pass on my comments to the full group.

On the topic of user interface, the Charter states that “the Working Group
will not specify the exact presentation to the user.”  Reading the language
as a lawyer, “not specify the exact presentation” leaves considerable room
to talk about issues of user interface.

My general approach is to have an open door, meet with people, and consider
how to foster a useful conversation.  I apply that to discussions of user
interface as well.

If I can be useful to helping convene discussions, including browsers,
advertisrs, and others, I am open to that, and I know that W3C staff would
be happy to help with that.

Perhaps of interest, Stu Ingis of DAA said at the panel that the charter
extension is a “distraction.”

As I said in my earlier email to the group about the charter appeal, we have
work to do.  Letıs do it on the timetable that we contemplated when I came





Professor Peter P. Swire

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    Ohio State University


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