Re: Batch closing of TPE related issues

If the control link includes the means to easily revoke out of band consent, I am fine with pairing OOBC with the control link.

UGE and OOBC are two different concepts and should not be transformed IMHO. UGE is a browserside thing. OOBC is a serverside thing.


Rigo Wenning <> wrote:

>On Wednesday 19 June 2013 02:58:25 Shane Wiley wrote:
>> I believe by pairing the OOBC with the control link, we've removed
>> likelihood of false options for users.  If a company were to really
>> want to make it hard to reverse an OOBC, they would attempt to hide
>> it from the user and use other persistent means of storing the user's
>> consent.  I believe places OOBC and UGE in a central location for
>> users is a far better outcome in all cases.
>Fine and convinced (don't know about Rob though). But does this address
>the transformation of UGE into OOBC and the other way around? I think 
>the transition, if possible, needs some guidance in the text. 
> --Rigo

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