Re: Batch closing of TPE related issues

There will be a need to perform OOBC that does not interact with the UGE
mechanism, but it might be possible for us to define an *optional* way for
those mechanisms to work together where possible.  In general I think that
trying to manage out-of-band consent with any in-band mechanism is a bad
idea, but I could be wrong.


On Tue, Jun 18, 2013 at 12:59 PM, Shane Wiley <> wrote:

> Rigo,
> Could you please opine on the proposal to allow OOBC to be recorded in the
> UGE registry with a pointer to the control mechanism?  This appears to be
> the middle ground that would give users a consolidated place to view
> exceptions/OOBC and have direct links to exercise their choices.  This is
> NOT equating UGE to OOBC - but does give users centralized control.
>  Thoughts?
> - Shane

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