Re: issue-199


I understood mostly what you want to do. Like in audience measurement, 
you don't need to know who has preferred the ad in the upper right 
corner. You need the counter. I understand that. 

You still do not answer my question on the naming of that thing. 

I suggested to name that thing "enhanced pseudonymization", not de-
identification. In audience measurement we sanitized the discussion a 
lot by removing ambiguous naming. That's the goal here too. You 
entertain the misunderstanding by naming your technique "de-
identification". You could name it also "re-serialization". Whatever, 
but not de-identification. 

If you want wording on the technique itself from me, you risk that I do 
more harm than good... But if you insist, I will do it..


On Wednesday 10 July 2013 10:38:15 Shane Wiley wrote:
> I believe you've grossly misinterpreted the industry proposal on this
> point.  Yellow data is not "off the hook" - it can only be used for
> analytical purposes.  And no one has felt that this analysis would
> allow for behavioral fingerprinting of specific users - so happy to
> take that off the table - please provide proposed language.  The goal
> is to truly make yellow data (de-identified but event linkable) only
> usable for "aggregate analysis".  To be clear, this could result in
> analytics that say for a specific web page users generally click on
> ads placed in position B over position A so begin to show all ads in
> position B.  So the results may be generally applied but not
> specifically applied to a single individual.
> I hope this clears up the situation.

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