Re: we need industry responses to questions raised on proposal

To the list:

I do hope and believe, on the Wednesday call, that the DAA and its representatives will be in a position to explain their proposed revisions, and answer the questions that have been posed to the list.

We all have been facing a large number of emails on the list.  A clear oral explanation will help all of us better understand the proposal.

For those posing the questions and the rest of us, I hope also that we respect the fact that there are multiple complex issues here. And the proposal has been subject to a number of proposed amendments that arrived only today.  So let us all assume good faith and use good tone as we try to understand the material together.

Thank you,


P.S.  Our planned list of URLs and other information will likely not get done this evening.  We (W3C staff and I) will work on it overnight and plan to have additional information to you on Wednesday before the call.

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I know that several colleagues have raised key questions, on the wiki and list.  I hope that there will be authoritative answers to those questions which represent the position of the entire DAA group.

It is very important we have such clarification sufficiently prior to the call.  In addition to the working group, there are others now watching this critical discussion closely.  They and they public at large also deserve to have in writing definitive responses.


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